Process of a photo shoot

1. Idea generation, scope of the shoot, preparation

Do you have a picture idea in your head that you would like to implement? Would you like to have unique pictures of yourself? Or would you like to surprise your partner or someone else who means a lot to you with something very special? Then I recommend you to proceed as follows:

Think about what kind of photos and how many photos you want your very own photo shoot to take.

The longer a photo shoot lasts, the more relaxed you will be during the photo shoot and the more good photos will be taken, you can change clothes more often and we can implement more ideas. So if you want to work towards a photo, which is to hang afterwards in a mural on aluminum or as a canvas on the wall, then you can easily do it in an hour of photo shoot. Even if you want to combine different areas such as B. natural full-body portraits, something in the beauty area and something stylish in lingerie, then that is also possible.

When does it make sense to book a photo shoot lasting several hours?

  • if you want to wear more than 3 outfits in the photos

  • if you have a lot of ideas that you want to implement

  • if you want an extensive photo shoot at a special location

  • if you want to try more than 3 recording areas

  • if a photo book or a photo calendar is to be created

Now that you know how extensive your photo shoot should be, the next step is announced. You should also think about which photos you want to have. Here you can be inspired by all the photos on the homepage. But you can also use the Google image search to get inspired. Click your way through the galleries and take a look at what photos would interest you. You can show me the photos on site in the studio on the computer or you can also take pictures with your mobile phone and bring them with you. As soon as I know what you like, we can work towards such photos.

2. Contact & advice

You can contact me by phone (08571-9739175) or by email. If I am currently unavailable by phone, please send me an email using the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible. But I always recommend a short phone call, as I can answer questions better or give useful tips for photo shoots. It is also much easier to make an appointment here. Should you write by email, please give you several alternative dates.

If you send an email using the contact form , I would ask you to write me the following points:

  • What kind of photo shoot are you interested in?

  • what kind of photos should be taken during the photo shoot?

  • do you have a preferred date? Make me 2-3 suggested dates when it would suit you.

  • do you have any questions that interest you in advance?

As soon as I'm at the computer, I'll get in touch with you immediately.

During photo shoots outside or at weddings, it definitely makes sense to sit down personally, as we should plan ideas, locations, times and dates precisely in order to achieve optimal results. However, an appointment is also necessary here. I want to take the time for you too.

3. Preparation for the photo shoot

At this point I would like to give you useful tips to prepare for your photo shoot.

Photo shoots with make-up & hairstyling

  • - Wash your hair the evening before, as it will be easier to style.

  • - To come to the shoot without make-up & unstyled.

If you are uncomfortable going out of the house without make-up, use large sunglasses or something similar. Make-up removal often leaves reddening!

Preparation for portrait photos

Stay yourself! Don't try to pretend or be someone else. Even during the photo shoot, wear the clothes that you usually wear or that you feel comfortable in.
Simple clothes such as jeans and white or black T-shirt / top, dirndl, jeans + leather jacket or denim jacket, light and colored tops always look good on beautiful portrait photos. If possible, you should avoid the following outfits: dresses, outfits that are too dark or loose outfits.

Preparation for fashion photos

Tight-fitting clothing is often beneficial in photos. Evergreens like jeans and a beautiful top are also always in fashion. In the fashion sector you can choose modern clothes or combine clothes that you might not wear in everyday life. It always looks very different in photos. High shoes are an absolute MUST here! That means heels from 8 cm. Better even more! You don't have to run a marathon in the studio and you don't have to walk a lot, but high shoes stretch your feet and contribute significantly to an elegant posture. If you don't have high heels, I would recommend going shopping again or asking friends.

Preparation for nude and erotic photos

It is definitely advisable to bring a bathrobe or something similar to the shoot. Underwear should be taken off in good time, as this avoids pressure points that are often very difficult to retouch. Solid color underwear always looks best in pictures. Here are the classics, white, black or red. It is better to take a sufficient selection with you. High-heeled shoes also always look good on erotic photos.

Preparation for beauty portraits

A lot of expression and facial expressions are required here. Try to take a little time in advance to practice a few facial expressions in front of the mirror or try to act a little and get out of yourself. That will surely help you in the studio. Please note that the difference between a portrait and a beauty photo is the post-processing. This is part of a beauty photo, just like the make-up at the beginning of the photo shoot. Beauty photos are therefore only possible as part of the premium shooting.