Algarve Photo Camp 2021

15.05. - 21.05.2022

This unique workshop was planned for autumn 2020. Unfortunately, the international regulations and the general uncertainty made planning and the resulting implementation of this workshop almost impossible. But postponed is not canceled! The workshop will be held as soon as the situation allows it again. And so that this workshop will be a success, I offer that you can be put on the list of interested parties without obligation. As soon as the situation has normalized again, I will try to find a suitable period. Then I will immediately start intensive planning for models, locations, villas and hotels.

I can already say that the first participants will definitely be there, but not all places have been taken. If you are interested in being there, get in touch and as soon as the date and everything is set you will be informed immediately. Of course you don't have to pay anything beforehand and if it doesn't fit you don't take any risks!

I will be holding the workshop in the Algarve, in the southernmost region of Portugal. When the temperatures in Central Europe gradually cooler again, we will escape the emerging cold to the beautiful beaches of Portugal.
For years a true paradise, not only for photographers, we want to use this region to put our models in the limelight against dreamy backdrops. A week full of shootings, beautiful weather and dream beaches awaits us. And of course, as always with the photo camps, fun and relaxation shouldn't be neglected either.

Algarve - a photographer's dream

When it gets cooler again in Central Europe and the off-season begins in Portugal, we do our workshop in the extreme south of Portugal.

The Algarve can be easily reached by plane. The weather is pleasantly mild at this time of year and everything is not as crowded as in summer. So the optimal conditions to organize a workshop.

The whole thing will take place at the end of September or beginning of October. The exact time has not yet been determined and in the planning phase I can still orientate myself a little bit towards the participants. The workshop will last five days, plus one day for arrival and one day for departure. We will shoot around 4 hours a day with our models. Especially early in the morning and late in the evening to achieve the best possible result.

The number of participants is limited to six photographers, so that a maximum of three photographers can work with a model.

Great program for all participants

In addition to the shoots, there is the possibility - especially during the day - to learn various tricks relating to image processing. During or after dinner there is a picture review for all participants every day.

We are accommodated in a great finca near the beach. This also offers one or the other opportunity for a photo shoot. Breakfast always takes place directly in the finca and is included in the price. In the evening we will have dinner together (not included in the price).

A highlight in the Algarve are the beautiful beaches. Last but not least, with their spectacular rocks, these offer a wonderful backdrop for our photo shoots. The workshop will be varied and we will not only take photos on the beach. There are also numerous possibilities for this in the hinterland.

Photography is in the areas of fashion, beachwear and nudes.


The price for the workshop is 1490 EUR. Bed and breakfast in the villa are included. Shuttle to and from Faro airport (in Portugal), shuttle to all locations. All model fees including non-commercial image rights. Five days workshop. And of course a lot of fun.

The workshop takes place with a minimum of four participants. As soon as I have a firm commitment from four people, the models and the villa are firmly booked. The preferred and desired date is autumn 2021.

I am always available for questions and advance bookings.