Cooperation and Paymodels

First of all, in addition to my work as a photographer for clients in the private and business sector, I have been producing images for many years, but also videos for commercial projects, especially in the nudes and erotic sectors. Here I am always looking for models who are also interested in working in this area. The possibilities here are very diverse and can turn from models into an interesting and, above all, lucrative sideline. Basically, there are two different ways in which such a cooperation can look like.

Free cooperation

As a model, you can market yourself on countless platforms. There are some platforms that give models the opportunity to publish pictures and videos for a fee. The merit here depends on the one hand on the type of pictures or videos and on the other hand, of course, on the quality of the content, i.e. the pictures and videos. And a very important point is the number of publications. In the fast-moving age of the Internet, it is extremely important to put new things online over and over again. On the one hand to create a fan base and on the other to provide the existing fan base with new pictures and videos and to encourage them to purchase the content.

This is where cooperation comes into play. In such collaborations, the photographer and the model work hand in hand. So it should be a win-win situation. Regular shootings are agreed so that the model always has enough material to post and, on the other hand, the photographer also receives content from the productions after consultation for use. Some pictures are of course produced exclusively. All of this always happens by arrangement. I also make my experience available and support the model wherever possible.
The pictures are always created by agreement. Partly in the studio, in the open air or at a wide variety of locations at home and abroad. Details can be explained in a personal conversation.

TFP shoots

In principle, TFP shootings are always possible. But there are a few important prerequisites for this to be possible. TFP means that no money is flowing. The image rights and publication rights are given to both the model and me as the photographer. This is also stipulated in a contract. Since the images are used for self-promotion (Instagram, homepage, etc.), it is important for me that I can keep my own style. That means, you should look good in my portfolio. A "normal" figure is very important. And very important, the recording areas should definitely include lingerie and at least a covert nude. Otherwise it doesn't make much sense. For this you can book a normal shoot with me at any time.

Paid shoots

In addition to "direct" and free cooperation, there is also the possibility of working as a pay model. This means that the model is paid for the photo shoot. This is only possible in the area of nudes and eroticism. Since the pictures are only for my own projects, it is very important that the model has the basic requirements for my projects. Here, too, the cooperation runs in such a way that photo shoots are carried out again and again, but the model does not receive any pictures of the shoot, but is paid for them. In a model contract, the model assigns the image rights and the publication rights for any videos to me. Shootings also take place here at home and abroad. Details can also be explained in a personal conversation.

Do you feel addressed? Everything else should then be explained in a personal conversation. First of all, please send me a personal message in which you can give me a few personal lines and, above all, how you could imagine a cooperation. I am already looking forward to your answer.