Models wanted!

For my own projects, which now take up a large part of my work, I am constantly looking for new female models. For both short-term and long-term collaborations.

For a collaboration, it is completely irrelevant whether you have already gained experience as a model. It is important that you enjoy having pictures (or videos) created by you. The main difference between a shoot that is booked with me and a collaboration as a model is above all that the images that are created during a collaboration always have the appropriate image rights for me (and also for the model). I am looking for models for the following areas:

  • Free work (social media, homepage, etc.)

  • Books and calendars

  • Workshops and photo tours

The cooperation with models is mainly based on TFP. This means that no money is flowing. Neither the model pays me nor I pay the model. The publishing rights are shared for this.

For various projects there is the possibility that the model is paid. This applies above all to workshops and to picture series specially produced for publication (magazines, Patreon, etc.)

Cooperation for Patreon etc .: Models who want to generate additional income on portals such as Patreon, OnlyFans, etc. are welcome. Talk to me, I'm happy to cooperate here.

What am I looking for specifically?

There is no special "loot scheme" for models. It is important that you are at least 18 years old. In any case, you should enjoy being photographed and have no problem with it when your pictures are published. The free projects are predominantly in the areas of nudes and lingerie. In the fashion sector, I rarely look for models and when I do, I look for extremely expressive models.
If you only want pictures for yourself - without publication - you can of course book a normal photo shoot.

If you feel addressed now, do not hesitate and fill out the form. I would be happy if we met for an introductory shoot soon.

In which areas are you interested in working together?
Which recording areas are suitable for you?

Many Thanks!