Your personal photo shoot with me as a trainer

Personal coaching

Probably nothing in photography is as effective and sustainable as personal coaching, i.e. a very personal workshop. I can respond individually to your wishes and ideas. Here you will experience how I approach, plan and carry out a photo shoot. Personal coaching lasting several days is also possible, especially on Mallorca. Write to me how you imagine it and I can make you an individual offer based on your ideas. With or without a model, with or without accommodation. We'll find a great solution!

Personal coaching

all day - 899, - EUR including model fee

There are no prerequisites for this personal coaching. No matter if you are a beginner or an advanced photographer. I will teach you how to plan and carry out a photo shoot. Of course, the post-processing and organization of the pictures is not neglected either.
In individual coaching, I orient myself entirely according to the level of knowledge of the participant. Whether a beginner who wants to take the first steps in model photography, or an advanced photographer who wants to refine his technique and specifically expand his level of knowledge.

Individual coaching could look like this:

  • See and understand light

  • Choosing the right location

  • Model tour and perfect "staging"

  • Organization and post-processing

  • Photoshop, Lightroom, Capture One

A plan can be drawn up in advance. If you have any questions about your very own individual coaching, please contact me.

Personal coaching Mallorca

from 999, - EUR

If you want to combine a very individual, personally tailored workshop with a vacation, I offer you the option of one-to-one coaching on Mallorca. Very high weather security, fantastic light and the opportunity to carry out great shootings in the open air around nine months of the year make individual coaching on Mallorca an unforgettable experience. Cheap flight connections and fantastic locations away from mass tourism also contribute to the fact that coaching on the Balearic island is something very special.
Personal coaching in Mallorca is of course also organized according to your ideas. The final price depends on your ideas and not least on the model. If you have any questions, please contact me and I will put together an attractive overall package for you.
I am happy to take care of the following things for your coaching in Mallorca

  • Model for the shoot

  • Accommodation and catering

  • Complete time organization and trips to the locations

  • Individual care

A plan can be drawn up in advance. If you have any questions about your very own individual coaching, please contact me.