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Naturellement (2002) 2021


Naturellement (2002)

France (2002) 2002 France Category:2002 films Category:French films[Clinical characteristics of primary pulmonary tuberculosis in patients with new diagnosis of diabetes mellitus]. To investigate the clinical characteristics of primary pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) in patients with new diagnosis of diabetes mellitus (DM). The clinical data of 72 patients with primary pulmonary TB and DM from January 2001 to December 2006 were retrospectively analyzed. The age was (42.3 +/- 10.8) years and the female to male ratio was 1:1.6. The prevalence of DM was (19.4 +/- 6.1)%. The body mass index was 22.8 +/- 1.7 kg/m(2). The average duration of TB symptoms was (12.6 +/- 10.4) months. Cavities were observed in 64 patients (88.9%). 48 patients (66.7%) had pulmonary fibrosis. All of the patients had an increase of erythrocyte sedimentation rate. Bacteriological sputum culture was positive in 33 patients (45.8%). 46 patients (63.9%) were cured and 16 patients (22.2%) were dead. The success rate of anti-TB treatment was higher in patients who received a shorter duration of TB treatment before diagnosis of DM. The prevalence of PTB is very high in patients with new diagnosis of DM. DM is an independent risk factor for the development of PTB. Anti-TB treatment for patients with TB should be continued for longer time when TB patients with DM is diagnosed.Alpine National Park __NOTOC__ Alpine National Park is a protected area located in the Australian state of Victoria. The national park is situated in the Alpine region of the Great Dividing Range in the Alpine Shire, north-west of the state capital Melbourne. The park consists of of rainforest, grassland, alpine meadows and the Mount Field National Park. The park was originally established as a national park in 1961 by the federal government and was gazetted on 20 April 1961. Features The park is located in a hilly area within the Great Dividing Range. The park contains a large proportion of an alpine rainforest ecosystem. Vegetation consists of many unique and endangered flora species, including two protected species, the King Billy Daisy (Molong) and the Alpine Wayfaring Tree (Atherosperma moschatum). See also Protected

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