Opportunities as a model

As you may have already learned in a preliminary talk with me, there are different ways in which you can benefit from the content when you work with me. There are some platforms on which you can publish your own content in order to earn money yourself.

First of all, in these areas the focus is on eroticism. If you have no problems with that, then I will support you here as much as possible.
If you consider working together on the basis that we produce pictures and videos at irregular intervals in order to build up a little extra income, then I would like to give you a few examples here. Sometimes it is the case with the platforms that you receive a small commission when you recruit new customers, so when you register, I always ask you to use the link that refers directly to the respective platform. This does not result in any disadvantages - on the contrary, of course I am even more motivated that you are successful ;-)



This is an American platform that gives both photographers and models the opportunity to publish pictures and videos. The response is moderate, but the special thing is that photographers and models have the opportunity to share the commission directly when publishing. A great way for passive income.

[Click here to go directly to Diverxity]



Bentbox also comes from the USA, but is a relatively large platform with a large number of visitors. Images and videos can also be published here. These are stored in so-called boxes, which users or fans can purchase. Since a visitor can follow, a good fan base can be built up, which regularly purchases posted content.

[Click here to go directly to Bentbox]



This platform is very reminiscent of Instagram. The big difference is that users can follow certain models for a fee. A very interesting alternative to build up an additional income. Here my support is mainly limited to any future application of the profiles.

[Click here to go directly to FanSeven]



MYM looks almost entirely like Instagram and is aimed at people who want to monetize their more revealing content that cannot be posted on Instagram directly. Post the link to the MYM profile on Instagram and the fans will come. An can also plan posts in advance and has many other marketing tools. Highly Recommended!

[Click here to go directly to MYM]



Patreon is the self-marketing platform from the very beginning. For this reason it is also very large and now also very well known. Different membership levels can be offered here and your content can also be sold on a membership basis, so to speak. Because of its popularity, Patreon is very accepted because everyone knows it.

[Click here to go directly to Patreon]



Here you can open your own shop, in which you can offer your picture series or videos for sale. This is a German provider with very good support. The company is relatively young, but the shop system is very well structured and you only need to worry about setting up the content.

[Click here to go directly to Contenized]

The following providers are pure erotic providers. I am happy to support you with know-how and corresponding content productions.



Big7 has been on the market for many years. Here you can earn money with your pictures and videos as well as directly by chatting with your fans. You get paid per message. The ideal combination of how you can build up an extremely lucrative additional income in this area. And I am happy to support you!

[Click here to go directly to Big7.com]



This is a pure erotic platform, which is a bit tougher. I am happy to support you here at the start. I am available here at any time for your questions.

[Click here to go directly to MyDirtyHobby]